Web Order Fulfillment

Web Order Fulfillment 24 Hours a Day

Managing your online order processing system can be an expensive cost to a small business. Doing it all yourself can be overwhelming and employing staff to ensure you are available when your customers need you and never miss a sale can be expensive, time consuming and take your focus away from your core business. Community Contact Center offers professional, friendly, low cost, only pay-for-the-minutes-you-use Web Order Fulfillment. Let us answer your customer’s questions and enter orders directly into your online order processing system.

We are there when you need us. Forward your calls and emails as you need us; during a break, event or meeting, overflow, before or after hours, nights, weekends and holidays. We are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You control when you need the additional assistance and we are always ready to help and assist you, professionally, efficiently and in a friendly manner. Only pay for the minutes you use. 24 hour customer sales and service at the switch that is affordable without the expense and time consuming task of hiring, firing, training, scheduling and covering for employees that need to miss a shift.

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Do you need email support?

CCC offers Email Management Services. Your emails categorized, streamlined, responded to or directed for appropriate response so you spend more time with your business and less time being overwhelmed by mass emails in your inbox.