Community Contact Center pricing is different from other contact center service providers.  We operate as a not-for-profit service provider to new and growing small businesses.  Community Contact Center collects the costs of operating the services and returns the rest back into the community keeping the per minute rate as low as possible and creating a community where small business owners support one another.

Each month, the total cost of operating the center is assessed, less Donors’ contributions, less Sponsors’ contributions.  The remainder is divided by the total number of minutes of services delivered to the community.  This gives us the per minute rate that is charged to the community for that month.  Sponsors charges are calculated in exactly the same way, but 20% margin is added.  This 20% is applied as a credit towards the following month for the benefit of the community.   Community members are only charged the number of minutes delivered to your business, no flat monthly rate for minutes you don’t use.  If you don’t have a service request come through for the month, there is no charge.

Price per minute, no minimum spend
English quality
Time coverage
Weekends coverage (with PH agents)
Holidays coverage(with PH agents)
Inbound phone calls
Inbound SMS
Inbound Website Chat
Social media monitoring
Knowledge Base
Inbound Email Response Time
Inbound Sales Closing
Dedicated account manager
It’s your community…
$US 45 cents
Per minute
$US 45 cents
Accented English (Philippine Agents)
8am to 5pm x 5 days (any one timezone)

Max 8 hours

It’s your community…
Love + Care
$US 95 cents
Per minute
$US 95 cents
Native English (US & Australian Agents)
24 hours x 5 days (any one timezone)

Max 4 hours

It’s your community…
Raving Fans
Per minute
$US 2
Native English (US & Australian Agents) M-F 24 hrs excl. holidays. Philippine agents holidays and weekends
24 hours x 7 days x 365 days

Max 1 hour

It’s your community…

Prices quoted are maximum expected price per minute of time spent on servicing your business. Actual cost might be less. Future cost month to month is expected to decline with economies of scale.

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*All rates listed are US Dollars.  Hourly rate changes monthly.  A schedule of costs is made available upon request.