We Are YOUR 24X7 Contact Center

It’s tough for small businesses to always be there for their customers. We provide full service, around the clock, while you focus on running your business.

Expertise at your fingertips

Let our professional customer service associates answer your calls and respond to your customer inquires while you run your business. Big business, professional customer service delivered to small businesses. The responsiveness and professionalism of corporate customer service without the overhead and expense. By joining the community, fellow small business owners pool resources to bring professional customer service to small business. Our contact center management experts manage an efficient network of contact center agents leveraging the latest cloud-based technology to service your customers. Blending together your training and customer-service requirements with our staff, we ensure your customers are serviced efficiently and effectively

How Such Low Rates?

Our interest is providing a service to the community, not profit. By reinvesting profit back into the community, our rates remain low and serving the interest of Community Contact Center which is to serve and support small business. We have leveraged our institutional knoweldge and “know how” to develop contact centers for you to service your customers. We bill each member of the community for their portion of the labor, technology, administrative, and other costs associated with the staffing and management of the contact center. We want to help enable you to grow and sustain your business. You focus on your product, we’ll take care of your customers.

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable Live Answering Service 24 hours a day. Always answer your phone when it rings with the help of Community Contact Center 24 Hour Live Answering Service. You control when your calls are forwarded to Community Contact Center freeing you up to focus on your business and giving you time to do more with less. The confidence and assurance that your customers receive a live response while you are able to put more back into your work, life and family.

Never miss an order because you weren’t able to respond. Market research shows that people will leave a shopping cart and abandon an order when they are unable to get answers real-time. Community Contact Center will respond to your customer’s inquiries and assist them with placing their order. Provide 24 hour real time response at an affordable rate while you focus on your business.

Alternative contact channels are more and more necessary to meet the demands and the way customers want to communicate. Email, Chat, Instant Message. Corporate America spends big money on servicing multiple channels and now Community Contact Center brings the same channels and services to small business. No flat rate, you only pay for the actual contact with your customers. Affordable customer service for all contact channels delivered to small business.

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