Live Virtual Receptionist

Your Personal Greeting, Our Professional Receptionist

Today’s small business can easily be set apart by a Live Virtual Reception. Your callers will be greeted with a custom greeting that you create and Community Contact Center can answer customer inquiries, give information about your business, products and services, transfer calls to the appropriate department or person, take an accurate message, dispatch an urgent call to a designated representative, and more. Your small business can have 24 Hour receptionist services at an affordable, low cost, not-for-profit rate that you only pay for the minutes you use.

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable receptionists can assist your customers, dispatch leads to your sales force, transfer calls to appropriate departments, escalate urgent calls to a designated person or department, provide warm transfers announcing the call to you or a member of your team and give preliminary caller information that has been pre-collected and screened. We can be a live, professional answer to all calls that come into your organization and transfer the calls through to your voicemail if you are unavailable. We can take a message for your caller and assure them that their message will be provided to the correct person to assist them and to expect a response or resolution within a specified time that you have designated.

Any level of Virtual Receptionist that you need assistance with at any time of the day that you control. Turn the service on and off during the times you want to have Live Virtual Receptionist on duty and only pay for the minutes used. Compared to a full time live receptionist employed directly, you will save thousands by utilizing Community Contact Center Live Virtual Receptionist Services.

Community Contact Center is non-profit customer sales and service network supporting the small business community by making professional customer sales and service available 24 hours a day at low, affordable rates that you only pay for the minutes you use.


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