Paging Services 

Screened Calls transferred to your On Call Representative

After hours on-call services are a necessary service for some industries such as plumbing emergencies, stranded motorists, and air conditioning in severe weather.  Screening these calls can be expensive and challenging.  Many businesses use voicemail for their screening services to the irritation and dissatisfaction of their customers.  When customers place a call that they deem urgent and in need of immediate attention and assistance reaching an automated messaging service asking to leave a voicemail message is frustrating, irritating and often raises the anxiety of your client.  

Live paging services gives your business the professional face of caring customer service greeting each caller with a live professional representative and allows for each call to be screened for urgency allowing for an appointment to be scheduled when appropriate and expediting urgent calls to your designated on-call staff member or department with a detailed message of the urgency and need of your client.  

Often with the proper, professional, live and personal customer service an urgent call can be de-escalated and an appointment scheduled during normal business hours the next day saving your on-call personnel time by only being contacted with pre-screened emergencies requiring urgent attention.

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