Benefits for Sponsors

You work hard for your orders. Let’s make sure they’re delivered and paid! Community Contact Center can help you with the time consuming task of getting your customers orders safely into their hands.

Our professional agents are able to assist with logistics on a per minute basis with no holding costs.

We are also adept at handling customer calls and emails and chats for assistance and enquiries with your deliveries.

With 24 hour, 7 day coverage including holidays, and rates which – thanks to our sponsors – are below the cost of delivering the service Community Contact Center can help your small or very small product sales business flourish.

We can also connect you with quality delivery services to which we have online access.

Join your community today and experience how our support can help your business earn more 5-star reviews and repeat customers.

Why handle customer calls yourself when you have higher value things to do with growing your business?

Our mission is to empower and enable very small and new businesses and startups and help entrepreneurs succeed. Our client base is comprised of very small to small businesses and startups.

We operate on a cost recovery basis which leaves us with no profit margin to invest in capital costs or cash reserves for unexpected events of the kind all businesses face.

So, apart from our small business clients supported at cost we also offer the same 24 hour services to larger and more established businesses on a cost plus 25% (20% margin) basis. This still provides access to professional customer service solution at a lower cost than can be sourced elsewhere and you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting a community of deserving small business owners.

Sponsors can access dedicated agents as well as cost-effective per minute services. Unlike for-profit businesses, Community Contact Center provides full accounting of costs each month so you can see exactly where weren’t spending. You’ll never again wonder if a service provider is overcharging, if you’re getting the best deal or if they’re providing like services to your competitors at a lower rate. Transparency and honesty are key to the Community Contact Center culture.

Join today and try our services with no period commitment.

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