Why do I need Email Service?

Alternative contact channels are becoming more and more necessary to meet the demands and the way customers want to communicate. Many customers use email for anything ranging from support, product inquiries, and orders to requests for information and outside of ‘normal’ business hours inquiries. Customers want the ability to reach a business via typed communication at any time of the day and email provides that service.

Mass inbound email management is very challenging. Mailboxes fill quickly and support and servicing of the customer inquiries quickly becomes overwhelming. Community Contact Center provides professional email answering service that will help you respond to your customers in the communication style they want to use.

We are able to help you. We will categorize each of your inbound emails and ensure they are labeled and routed to the appropriate area for servicing. Sales inquiry data is collected and formulated in an easy to act upon reporting that you or a member of your sales team can respond to. Questions are answered directly from data and information that you have provided or can be forwarded to designated specialists or departments within your organization who can service the request of the customer. Critical notifications and inquiries requiring your urgent attention are immediately forwarded to your first responder staff. Customer complaints can be immediately identified and handled by our staff or forwarded to a designated contact within your organization.

Streamlining your emails will organize and route your customer needs to the appropriate areas for response and contribute to the increase of customer satisfaction while giving you back more time (and money).

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