Who do we serve?

Community Contact Center provides per-minute, at-cost (actually, below cost) services in support of small businesses and startups. No business is too small because there are no monthly minimum or fixed fees. Don’t worry if your business category is not listed here. We provide generic customer service and sales support for almost any kind of small business.

Larger businesses can benefit too, by becoming sponsors. Our sponsors receive the same services with the same transparent billing but with 20% margin added. It’s our sponsors who allow us to be able to deliver quality services to our smaller community participants at less than the cost of providing them.

Community Contact Center can provide your startup with the most affordable support services, allowing you to focus on getting up and running.

Our sponsors don’t give us money – they give us work. Unlike our community participants who pay no markups, our sponsors give us 20% margin on the services we provide – all of which goes back into the pot to provide participants with less-than-cost services for their small business.

Our not-for-profit mission is to help those who are making their own way in the world, independent of a boss and prioritizing family. For single or dual parent families, we understand your need to work at home where your heart is. With our support, you can provide for those who are most precious to you.

Online sales is a competitive business. If you’re a small and growing retailer, let our lowest-possible-cost sales and customer service solution help you get noticed and get those elusive 5-star reviews.

Who answers your calls when you can’t? Are you missing jobs? Let us book you up solid for the times you’re available. We can help with call answering, email and chat response when you’re unavailable.

There’s a lot of work out there. Are you getting your share? Are you replacing jobs which go away? Let Community Contact Center help with your sales and marketing for new customers.

You and your therapists can’t take calls when you’re focused on a client. Our professional agents can answer calls in your spa’s name, take web bookings and respond to email requests without an interruption.

Your small towing business can benefit from 24-hour call receipt and dispatch. Be alerted to jobs at the times and locations you specify. Can a small towing business afford 24-hour call center? With Community Contact Center’s pay only for minutes on a call, you can.

Get your small business moving better with Community Contact Center’s booking services. Receive booking requests by text, phone call, web chat and email – all answered promptly with bookings made at times when you’re available.

Let Community Contact Center’s not-for-profit business services help your small business succeed. Our professional agents can take calls when you’re busy as well as take bookings for you by text message, web chat, phone call and email.

Retail is a challenging business with customers arriving at random times. You and your staff are always busy so let Community Contact Center’s professional agents handle your inbound inquiries. We can also help with your promotions and social media marketing, all at super-low not-for-profit rates.

Online retail is a fast growing segment but customers shop at all hours on your site. Let Community Contact Center’s professional agents maximise your sales, conversions and reviews by attending to sales and service inquiries 24 hours, every day.

Very low cost, high-quality customer support for your small internet service business is just a form away! We can provide sales and customer service support to handle plan upgrades, billing inquiries and outage response. We can handle your voice, email and chat queues professionally and promptly, 24 hours every day. Maximise your sales and reduce operating costs with Community Contact Center’s unbeatable not-for-profit rates.

If you’re starting out in solo practice, your Community Contact Center can provide very low cost support for phone answering when you’re in conferences or in court. We can send your engaged letter to new client inquiries from your website and social media marketing and even arrange for client deposits to be paid directly into your trust account. Let us help you succeed in your profession.

Every dental practice needs customer service, phone answering and bookings. Yet you and your hygienist are not always available. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with new patients or provide excellent service to your existing patients. We can respond to all inbound communications promptly and professionally and maximise conversion from your marketing campaigns.

Every small real estate office has a high volume of inbound inquiries and it’s essential to answer those calls and emails with urgency. When you’re busy, we can take your calls and make arrangements for you. Our professional agents can respond to chat requests and emails 24 hours every day, including weekends.

Let Community Contact Center help you get more 5-star ratings and maximise your coding time by handling your inbound support and billing requests. We’ll handle those we can and arrange for you to respond to your client or prospect when you’re next available.

If your small business is providing clients with digital marketing services, your Community Contact Center can support you by handling your inbound calls, emails, chat requests and text messages. We can also help with the time-consuming process of monitoring campaigns and mentions. Our per minute rates and below cost, so you know you’re getting the lowest rate available anywhere.

We support all kinds of small businesses and our pool cleaner clients benefit from Community Contact Center’s rapid response to booking requests from all sources. Take advantage of our low costs and professional business support to maximise your jobs and engagements with new clients. We can also assist with managing and maximizing your social media advertising.

If your small business is telecommunications services, you’ll know there is a high volume of requests related to billing and support. Let your Community Contact Center handle your calls and emails around the clock while you focus on building your business. We can also support your marketing campaigns and support escalations.

Don’t worry if your business category is not listed here. Community Contact Center provides generic customer service and sales support for almost any kind of small business. Our mission is to help the smallest and youngest business ventures succeed by providing professional yet lowest possible cost services in support of your business growth and day to day operations.

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