Increase Customers and Sales

There is nothing like “being there” when a customer comes calling. Pick up 24 x 7 customer care for nothing more than the minutes your customers spend on calls.

Never Miss a Customer, Be Connected 24×7

You can’t always be there for your customers – but 24×7 Community Contact Center can. Let us handle your client concerns and sales inquiries when you can’t.

Overflow Calls – turn on/off instantly

Our amazing technology allows you to forward and unforward your calls to us at any time. On and off instantly. Any time you’re busy or have something else to do, let us take your calls so you don’t miss a sale or an opportunity for a 5 star review! Our charges are below cost so you know you’re getting the best value and support available anywhere.

Personalized Greeting

You choose your own greeting in your business name and we will answer all your calls accordingly. Our screen-pop technology presents your greeting to our agent every time a call comes in from your advertised number.

Totally Flexible – pay only for what you use

You only pay for the cost per minute of the services delivered. Switch on switch off any time without ongoing cost or penalty. You only pay for the minutes our agents actually spend servicing your customers. There are no holding fees, minimum fees or monthly fees.

Only Pay for Calls Received

If you receive one call lasting one minute, that’s all you pay for. There are no monthly fees. At the end of each month, the total number of minutes of customer service are added up as is the total cost of operating the service for all clients, less the value added by sponsors and donors. One divided by the other gives us the cost per minute and that is all you pay – with no markup and no profit added.

Virtual Receptionist

If you need reception services for inbound call answering for your business or practice, use your Community Contact Center! We can promptly and professionally answer and redirect your calls or give information or take messages 24 hours a day!

Improve your online reviews rating – Amazon, Google, Ebay, Yelp, Tripadvisor

It’s a fact that most customers today read reviews before making a purchase and nearly all are influenced by what they read. A single negative review can cost you lost sales. Improve your positive reviews and reduce negative reviews by providing professional customer service – delivered at an unbeatably low cost by your not-for-profit Community Contact Center.

Live Chat Service

Live web chat on your website is a powerful sales, marketing and customer service tool but how often is it “offline, leave a message”? If you have “down hours” let us attend to them for you at the lowest cost in the industry. If you don’t have website chat enabled, let us do it for you and have you up with 24 hour attention and conversion for your website visitors. Like all our services, no time spend by our agents means no charge for you.

Not-for-Profit – Ultimate Low Cost Professional Customer Service

Our not-for-profit model along with sponsors and donors allows Community Contact Center to deliver services to our community participants at less than the cost of providing them. Our centers are run be seasoned customer service and contact center industry veterans with decades of experience. Not-for-profit doesn’t mean low quality.

Professional and Courteous

We hire only experienced agents who are at the top end of their profession. Your customers are safe with Community Contact Center – our talented people won’t disappoint.

24 x 7 Access to your business

Give you customers 24 hour, 7 day always-on access to your business and watch your sales and customer service ratings rise!

Record of each call, chat and email

Our cloud based technology allows you to listen to any or all call recordings or your clients with our agents. For chat and email, you have access to full text histories with dates and times. You have full visibility!

Improve Customer Service

Access to a professionally managed customer service and sales support facility 24 x 7 gives your small business a “big business” look. Let us help your business grow and become more profitable.

Pay for time used – no flat fee, no annual contract

Community Contact Center is your community – your “contract term” is minute to minute – cancel your service any time or put it “on hold” or off hold anytime for any duration. You won’t be billed unless you direct calls or chats or emails to us and we answer them for you. There is no “lock-in” contract. We are here to serve our community of small business people and startups getting established. We make it as easy and inexpensive as we can make it!

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