Appointment Services

A full appointment book means business. Online appointment schedulers has changed the industry of appointment services. It is easier now than ever before to make your availability known to your customers and to empower your customers to schedule their own appointments. Yet, consumer after consumer will tell you that while they love the visibility of seeing the schedule availability to book an appointment online, many consumers still prefer to personally speak with the business they are scheduling with. Whether is to actually confirm their appointment got booked, to ensure the service provider is actually going to be there or that the service provider is going to be there or that they do not trust to make payment online and prefer giving personal banking information directly to the business.  There are many reasons why consumers like to view the available schedule online but book the appointment with a live person.

Consumer behavior has shown that a company who does not answer the phone or respond timely to an email will lose the business to the next company in line. Online commerce has opened the availability of small businesses to the consumers and has also opened the consumers to the ability to choose from a national and global commerce of who they want to do business with. Live, timely response is the difference between booking the appointment and the appointment going to the next business listed.

Community Contact Center has made 24 Hour Live Appointment Scheduling affordable. You gain access to 24 Hour Live customer sales and support services that you turn on or off as you need it. You control when you need the additional assistance and we are always at the ready to help and assist you, professionally, friendly and efficiently. Only pay for the minutes you use.

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Do you need email support?

CCC offers Email Management Services. Your emails, categorized, streamlined, responded to or directed for appropriate response so you spend more time with your business and less time being overwhelmed by mass emails in your inbox.