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Live Message Taking Services

Accurate message taking services is essential for complex organizations. You need the dependability and reliability of experienced, professional, knowledgeable receptionist to accurately take detailed, complex messages that are effective. Employing a professional receptionists that is available for seven hours a day costs thousands. Community Contact Center is a not-for-profit customer sales and service network that is specifically dedicated to supporting small businesses with 24 hour professional customer sales and services at affordable not-for-profit rates paying only for the minutes used.

Save thousands in employment expenses. Hire Community Contact Center to take accurate reliable messages paying only for the minutes you use. Turn services on or off at your control providing Live Professional Message Taking Services when you are unable to get to the phone.

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Do you need email support?

CCC offers Email Management Services. Your emails, categorized, streamlined, responded to or directed for appropriate response so you spend more time with your business and less time being overwhelmed by mass emails in your inbox.