All calls are recorded and you can listen for quality and training purposes. All chat, email, social media are in writing and the accounts are all yours to read.
You don’t need to. All our agents have customer service and shopping cart training. You need to provide information in a question and answer format for your products and services and you need to give us your policies. We load these for you into our knowledge base product and the agents search for the item there. If your customer asks about a refund the agent searches for “refund” and reads your policy statement to your customer. If you want certain specific situations referred back to you, that’s a policy too.
All communications are answered in the name of your business with a greeting written by you (we can help with suggestions and provide many professionally written greetings for you to choose from and adapt).
By credit card, in advance based on last month’s usage. In the first month you can nominate any amount and we will provide service up to the service minutes that amount buys.
You will receive a monthly invoice by the 3rd day of each month for the previous calendar month. If the prepayment is more than the actual you will receive an account credit.
There is no deposit, no setup fee, no contract terms and no notice period. Cancel at any time and we will terminate current communications and return all your unused prepayment by the 3rd day of the following month.
No because our clients don’t want to pay for other users free trials. We are not a profit making business with margin to cover the cost of free trials. But you can buy say, $10 worth of service and see if it works for you. You can review all communications.
All services are delivered at the same per minute rate, which is currently under $1. Whatever the cost, you’re only paying for the actual cost of providing the service with no profit markup. Every month you’ll receive a statement of the costs of running the center, the total minutes of service time delivered and the minutes delivered to your customers. 
By investing in time. We respond to your customer calls, chats and emails freeing you up to be active in your business. You can service your clients 24 hours a day while giving yourself the gift of time. More time to put into your business. Time to take a lunch or gym break. Time to attend an activity or function. More time for your life, family, friends and activities. More time nearly always results in more productivity. This additional income can be used to invest in customer service while increasing your profit.
We’re much cheaper – in fact, it’s as low cost as we can make it while maintaining a quality outcome. We’re more flexible too, with no up-front or lock-in or minimum fees. And we’re focused on supporting micro and ultra-micro businesses like yours. By joining you become a member of the community and the community supports low cost premium customer service.
Our service still works, no matter how infrequent the requirement. You only pay for what you use and if it’s nothing – you pay nothing.
No. You only pay for “live” calls and contacts from your customers or potential customers.
You can cancel at any time without prior notice and without penalty. There are no refunds for services already provided because our community would have to pay it.
American Express, Visa or Mastercard.
No. We serve your customers to increase your sales, get you new customers, keep the customers you have, increase repeat customers, increase the spend per sale, reduce abandoned shopping carts, get better customer reviews for you and reduce the service load on you and any partner or staff you have in your business so you can focus on building your business.
We’re a community funded not-for-profit. To minimise cost to our community members, we have a sponsorship program and we accept advertising on our website. This reduces the cost to our members to less than the cost of providing the service to them. We are not a charity and do not accept donations. Our mission is to serve very small businesses in a manner by which those businesses make a profit from using the Community Contact Center.
All our agents are normal employees receiving market salaries and benefits.
We have a center in the US mid-west, another in the Philippines and we also have work at home agents in the US (all over).
We are staffed to answer 80% of calls in 120 seconds which means the majority of your customers will wait less than 2 mins to have their call to you answered.
If connecting with an inquiry that contacts your business can result in a sale, then you want to be available 24 hours a day. Your clients have access to your business 24 hours a day without the overhead costs of hiring, training and employing staff for the times you are otherwise engaged.
There is no catch. The Community Contact Center is a service for the community of small and micro business owners to help them succeed. We provide full transparency of costs. That is what sets us apart from other answering service agencies. CCC was created to service our communities assisting small business and individual business owners to give back to the community and support entrepreneurs and business owners with 24 hour customer service who may not otherwise be able to afford it.
If you want a toll free number, procure one from your preferred provider and forward calls to us for busy or no answer on your own phone handset.

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