Who are we?


Our Mission is to enable Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Work-at-home Moms, and others to make their own way in the world. Our community comes together to share and pool resources and provides 24X7 support to service customers, increase your sales, and enable you to be “always on” for your customers. We have access to the latest cloud-based technology, best-in-class processes used by Fortune 100 Companies, and strong talents to deliver services to your customers. Let us help you be there for your customers. All Day, Every Day No cost to get started, and cancel anytime!

Community Contact Center connects the customer services you need at an affordable rate. Pay for productivity. Eliminate the expense of paying for unproductive time, paid time off, benefits, training, coaching, scheduling and covering for absenteeism. Community Contact Center is the additional service support that you need, when you need it, only paying for productive minutes.

Employing support and assistance is expensive with salaries, taxes, benefits, in addition to time consuming with recruiting, hiring, managing and firing. Remove all the stress and expense of employing customer support personal and partner with a community of small businesses, like yours, who utilize a customer support center that is designed specifically for you and other small business owners. Bringing large scale professional customer service to small business, Community Contact Center is your customer service allie available 24 by 7 and there for you when you need us, how you need us.

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