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for your Small Business

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Your Community Contact Center provides very low cost, not-for-profit business support services for small businesses and startups to help you get established and achieve your goals from your business. Our focus is always on having our community profit from our work, so we keep our costs very low and our added value high!

Comprehensive Community Contact Center Small Business Support Services

Your Community Contact Center provides a wide range of very low cost, not-for-profit business support services for small businesses and startups still finding their way and in need of a helping hand.

Helping you serve your customers and manage your business when you aren’t available.

Let Community Contact Center handle your inbound customer communications so you can focus on your business.

Community support let’s you balance your business and home commitments in a flexible way.

Take time for other things any time you want – just redirect your calls to us day or night and we will take over instantly. Never miss another sale or a chance for a 5-star review!

Computer Helpdesk support is available whenever you need it.

Do your customers need help with software or computer based services? Your CCC provides 24 Hr Service Desk support. For challenges with basic computing functions, call or chat for fast, inexpensive help.


Let our professional agents receive your customers’ calls 24×7 or whenever you’re not available.
Phone answering

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Our chat support team will be ready to answer questions and inquiries efficiently and promptly!
Live Chat


Never miss important messages and opportunities if you are busy or not available.
Message Taking


Organize and manage your time efficiently to deal on things that matters.
Appointment Setting


Provide professional support to your customers during and after sales.
Sales Support


We personalize each customer’s interaction with the help of our tenured and highly trained agents.
Customer Care


Make everyone feel valued by providing prompt, professional and accurate email responses to your customers and stakeholders.
Email Response


Interact with your target market through the help of latest text messaging technology.
Text Messaging

How does it work?


Sign up for a free account



Choose the service mix you need from the menu


We serve your customers at the times you want.


QA the call recordings, the chats and email responses


Improve your Q&A so the community agents respond even better


At the end of the month, get a detailed actual cost statement

Our not-for-profit mission is to give the very smallest businesses access to professional quality sales and service for their customers – at the lowest possible cost. Our aim is to help you achieve your own objectives from your small business – whether that means making a living for your family, making a second income or getting your successful start-up off the ground – Community Contact Center is here to help you with the lowest possible support cost and professional quality delivery.

Every business needs quality and available customer service for sales inquiries and resolving issues. With Community Contact Center as your partner, you’ll avoid the risk of reputation damage or lost business. Our objective is to help you grow your business and succeed. Our not-for-profit service improves your chances of success.

Who do we serve?

Community Contact Center is here to assist small and start-up business owners to achieve their business goals. We especially want to serve those who operate a home-based business to provide for their families such as parents, the disabled, service veterans, former inmates and helping those developing a between-jobs income.

Our Community has clients in these categories and running these kinds of businesses and many more:

Work-at-home Parents

Online Retailers



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Massage Therapists

Towing Services

Hair Stylists

Pet Groomers

Small brick-and-mortar retailers

Online Merchants

Small ISP’s

Mobile App Developers

Digital Marketers

Pool Cleaners

Small Telcos

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